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I recently finished up a trial at work, which consumed all of my time that I would have liked to be brewing in September and October. However, with that done, and the next week starting in two and a half weeks, I hope to get a couple of brews in over the next two weekends, before the weather turns and Chicago turns back into Chiberia. And with this Saturday being National Learn

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It’s been so long!

I have really done an absolutely horrible job updating on this site. I promise that it’s my intention to improve that as we go forward. Not that I really have a defense for this per se, I will at least say that things have been incredibly, INCREDIBLY busy in the past year. Of course I got married in April 2013, which was kind of a big deal. Then I had a crazy two and a half months of work

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All Grain v. Partial Mash v. Extract Brewing

Today I came across an blog where the author discusses the cost effectiveness of homebrewing in relation to purchasing similar commercial beers. You can find it here. He makes a good statistical point regarding the savings that one can enjoy from brewing at home as opposed to buying all commercial beer. For the sake of

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Cool off! – The value of a wort chiller

I began brewing in August of 2011.  At the time, I thought it would simply be throwing some stuff in a pot, moving that to a bucket, adding yeast, and then bottling a couple of weeks later.  How little I knew…Brewing is part art, part science, and both pieces have to be executed correctly in order to turn out the best product possible.

Homebrewing 101 – Equipment – Northern Brewer Basic Starter Kit Review

Northern Brewer Basic Brew Kit.  5 little words right there that have helped propel my love of beer into a new level.  I read a lot of reviews online of the different starter kits out there and everyone kept coming back to this as the one to get for a starter.  (As an interesting aside, it also really seems

One of those other Ft. Collins breweries – Review of Odell Brewery

In August, my girlfriend and I took a vacation to Colorado.  For her, this was largely about hiking and visiting friends.  To ME, the trip was a chance to visit one of the great craft brewing capitals of the world.  While there, I sampled 76 new beers which I had never tried before my trip.  There were others that I had


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